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If there were ever a time to change your nail polish from ballet slipper to burgundy, it's now. Fall trends not only include luxe fabrics (including fur) and tweeds -- which demand high-gloss nail color -- but designs are inspired by such disparate yet demanding styles of the 1950s, the 1980s

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If you wear dark polish, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think of dark polish as an accessory, and don't overdo it by wearing lots of jewelry
  • Be sure to apply a base coat, because dark polish can stain nails yellow
  • If you get a manicure at the salon, purchase the dark shade they use so you can touch up your polish as needed (even the tiniest chips are unsightly when your polish is dark)


Meanwhile, if you love nude and pink polishes, go for it. These shades never go out of style. Just remember to apply a base coat, as the lighter polishes show every nail flaw, nook and cranny. And you might want to try layering two different pale shades to create your own color.

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Slip into a warm, bubbly, relaxing soak, and allow yourself to drift away as your feet are pampered and massaged to perfection! Our most popular pedicure includes nail, cuticle and callous treatments. Finally, your choice of nail enamel - will you go mild or wild ?

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