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With 40 years of experience and it’s expertise in skincare and beauty, Guinot products are renowned for their exceptional results. Guinot uses the most precious and rare active ingredients in the highest concentration, focusing on efficiency and tolerance.



(Star Treatment)

A combination of advanced scientific technology and the skills of a highly trained esthetician together produce the ultimate in treatments, the Hydradermie Facial.

Recognizing the skin as a living organ, this facial was developed to help it live and age better.  Offered in the U. S. only by estheticians who have been trained at Guinot headquarters in New York and Los Angeles, this unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents, nourishing gels and massage for total rejuvenation of the complexion.

  1. Deep cleansing:
    Deep cleansing is made possible from the use of
    Sodium Acid Carbonate, which is contained in most Hydradermie gels
  2. Penetration of Active Skincare Ingredients
    & Trace Elements:

    Ionization also allows superficial penetration of active skincare ingredients and trace elements contained in the Hydradermie gels.
  3. Hydration:
    Sodium Lactate, a powerful active moisturizing ingredient, helps improve the hydration of the outer layers of the epidermis. It strengthens cell cohesion while penetrating between the epidermic cells, thus helping improve the skin’s moisture retention.

(Oxygenating Emulsion Oz2 w/ essential oils)

  1. Improved Microcirulation:
    Essential oils create hyperemia, which improves intercellular exchanges, thereby increasing tissue oxygenation and toxin elimination, reducing stress.
  2. Antiseptic and Bactericide Action:
    Another effect of essential oils combined with the oxygen found in oxygenating emulsion is microbial oxidation, and thus, a purification of the skin.

hydradermie liftHYDRADERMIE LIFT -The ultimate lifting facial

Hydradermie Lift facials target areas where wrinkles are most evident - around the eyes, mouth and across the forehead. It also lifts and firms the cheeks, jaw line and neck.

Using a gentle micro current, the Hydradermie machine - exclusive to Guinot - massages to drain toxins and improve micro- circulation and skin tone, creating a healthy radiance. Then it gently stimulates the muscles of the face, eye area and neck for an immediate 'lift' and increase in elasticity.

Hydradermie Lift is suitable for all skin types and is available in two customised formats to suit your requirements and time. Both may be combined with other Guinot treatments for the ultimate in results and relaxation.

Beauté Neuve

New! Beauté Neuve Double Peeling Treatment with Fruit acids, Glycolic Acids and Pure Vitamin C

Treatment for Youth, Radiance and Anti-pigmentation

Results: Anti-aging cell renewal, youthful radiance and anti-pigmentation actions

With the development of the Beauté Neuve facial treatment Guinot has combined medical research with skincare expertise to create a professional skin renewing treatment which can be used on all skin types, including sensitive.

With fatigue, stress or age, skin loses its radiance and elasticity and pigmentation marks may appear. The epidermis is blocked by ‘dehydrated cells’, cell renewal slows down and the complexion appears dull or congested. One Beauté Neuve  treatment will restore radiance and a  course of three treatments for an anti-pigmentation or lightening effect, removes the dead cells and helps the skin to fully breathe again.

A four-phase treatment of approximately 45 minutes in duration, this unique facial is designed to remove or minimize imperfections and bring the skin back to a renewed beauty and luminosity.

How does it work?


The PEEL’IN gel with Fruit Acids separates the dead cells from the healthy ones and the PEEL’OUT mousse gently exfoliates the dead cells away to restore radiance of new skin. 

The exceptional power of pure Vitamin C !

Made of pure concentrated Vitamin C, the lightening anti-pigmentation mask completes the treatment, restores the skin’s radiance, lightens pigmentation marks and regenerates the elastin fibers.

The 45-minute Beauté Neuve Double Peeling facial acts deep down with paraben-free key ingredients. The Beauté Neuve Double Peeling treatment offers excellent results on pigmentation marks and may also be used to treat the hands or décolleté.


The Liftosome Facial treatment is best suited for mature skins, and aims to energize, tighten and firm using Vitamin C to brighten the skin. Liftosome relaxes features, smoothes away fine lines and adds a luminous glow to the complexion.

Since both age and fatigue encourage sagging skin and a diminution of firmness caused by a combination of factors including a decrease in cellular cohesion and activity, diminution of elastic fiber synthesis, the effects of free radicals and UVA rays and poor oxygenation of the skin’s cells.

How Does it work?

To inaugurate the facial following a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and eye area, a Firming Serum is applied with light effleurage movements until completely absorbed.  The serum is a cocktail of Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Vitamin C to stimulate and invigorate, Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, Soya Extract to stimulate synthesis of collagen fibers, Horsetail Extract to help restructure the elastic fibers and Liftiline to begin the tightening effect.   Overall, its object is to help repair the mesh of elastic tissues which provide the skin’s supportive structure. 

In the second step of the firming process, the Firming Creme is applied in a thick layer over the entire face and neck. A stimulant to cellular activity, the Creme is a formulation of Phylderm for Oxygenation and the boosting of cellular activity, Collagen to firm and restructure tissues and Ginseng to regenerate. The skin is now prepared for the next step, the Lifting Modeling Mask.  A smooth paste of orange extracts which contains Vitamin C is applied over the gauze and left on for fifteen minutes as it dries and hardens.  Due to its special heating action, it encourages the penetration of the active ingredients of the Firming Serum/Creme blend which work in tandem to increase the skin’s firmness.

After the mask is removed with a gentle tug of the gauze, the skin is rinsed with water and toning lotion and to finalize massage the skin with the lifting massage gel over the entire face and neck. Containing wheat protein extracts to help restore surface elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, Chitin to moisturize and repair, Horse Chestnut Extracts to soothe, relax and stimulate, orange extracts to brighten and purify the complexion and encapsulated Vitamin C, a free radical scavenger, the gel used during the  massage delivers the tighter look that is the signature of the Liftosome treatment.

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